SpyHunter Review

SpyHunter is an effective spyware and malware removal tool with a simple, easy-to-use user interface. This program is highly recommended by it’s users, and great for those who are new to computers. Even many security experts are recommending SpyHunter’s anti-malware scanner because it is a lightweight solution that provides efficient and reliable protection against the latest spyware, malware, browser hijackers, and other malicious threats. There is a paid and free version of SpyHunter available for your computer. The paid version is recommended because it is designed for advanced protection, and utilized an up-to-date threat definitions database and has a technical support feature that connects you to a help desk free of charge. SpyHunter currently contains nearly 30,000 threats and is updated regularly to ensure PC protection.

SpyHunter Review by MalwareRescue Research Team

SpyHunter has succeeded in detecting the latest adware, malware, and spyware threats. Every type of threat we threw at it, whether it was browser hijackers, malicious toolbars, malicious browser extensions, trojans, keyloggers, or potentially unwanted programs, was successfully identified, quarantined, and removed from the system. SpyHunter is more of a stand-alone malware removal tool, rather than an all-in-one security suite. For these reasons it’s lightweight, and barely noticeable when it’s running on the PC. Some users might prefer to have just one program to protect them from everything, but in most cases software like that are very large and can cause your PC’s performance to take a hit.

After installing and opening SpyHunter, the first scan will initiate. The program will grab the latest version if any updates are necessary, and will then check the running programs, processes, and scan the cookies of the computer. SpyHunter offers a few different convenient scan options, such as quick scan, full scan, or a specified file location scan. SpyHunter will provide descriptive analysis of any threats present on your computer, displaying the full paths to malicious objects and the type of infections, and you will be offered the option to remove them.

Why Should I Download SpyHunter?

SpyHunter is very user-friendly, and doesn’t offer any unnecessary utilities and extra functions that most people would never even bother using. Pretty much everyone, regardless of experience, can use SpyHunter to see how it can detect and remove even the most malicious of threats from your computer that some of the competitor’s products could not even detect.

The official Enigma Software website is enigmasoftware.com, all purchases are made through a secured connection.

Interesting Notes

When SpyHunter was launched, it was blamed for detecting files that weren’t actually malicious. In the anti-virus world, this is known as a false-positive. This resulted in many negative reviews and bad press about SpyHunter. In the years following this debacle, SpyHunter was turned into one of the most truth worthy malware removal tools on the web.

There have been aggressive and deceptive advertising practices associated with the sales of SpyHunter, but these affiliates were eventually revoked the resell rights to SpyHunter. Due to this, SpyHunter had some serious issues to deal with which were all resolved in SpyHunter 2.0 – the current version of this software is 4.6 at the time of writing this, so they’ve come a long way!





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