Remove Pop-up (Tech Support Scam)

Looking for information on how to remove pop-up advertisements from your computer? This guide will help you eliminate these pop-up ads from your computer and remove any malware that might be causing these advertisements from appearing. pop-up ads mimic Microsoft’s website to trick users into believing it is an alert coming from Microsoft. The pop-up reads

Your computer has been blocked. Error # 268D3. Please call us immediately at: +1-855-325-0020 Do not ignore this critical alert.”

A screenshot of the pop-up can be seen here:


What is Pop-up? pop-up advertisements are a borderline illegal marketing tactic used by technical support call centers to trick people into calling them to receive support. This is known as “scareware”, because it scares users into believing their computer has a virus when in reality this pop-up has no way of determining if there’s actually anything wrong with your computer.

This pop-up is especially annoying because it is difficult to get rid of once it’s on your screen. Alerts keep coming up every time you close them, and you may be forced to close your browser entirely to get rid of the pop-up. It also has an audio recording that reads the alert message over and over again to get your attention.

Where did Pop-up Come From?

There’s a few possibilities as to where this ad came from. You were either browsing a website you should not have been, or your computer has adware on it. Technical support companies use malware and adware to advertise pop-ups like these through. Malicious browser extensions are also capable of displaying ads like these.

While there are many possibilities as to where this pop-up came from, you can follow our guide to make sure your computer is clean of malware, adware, and any other type of malicious unwanted programs. Follow the appropriate guide below depending on if your computer is Windows or Mac.

Let us know if you have any difficulty removing this pop-up or any other malware from your computer.

Windows Malware Removal Instructions

Mac Malware Removal Instructions

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