Remove Browser Hijacker (Removal Guide)

screenshot of is classified as a browser hijacker as the program serves no real purpose other than changing your default search engine, default homepage, and default new tab page to In doing so, the creators of this software receive compensation from their partners who show advertisements on their search engine. uses shady marketing methods to trick users into downloading their software, by scaring them into thinking their privacy is at risk. They will use pop-up advertisements and display advertisements like the one shown below.

Scareware tactics like this trick people into believing something is wrong with their search engine. This angle makes people believe something should be done to protect their privacy. The truth is, operates no differently than other search engines and does not benefit your privacy in any way. It’s simply a marketing gimmick that is used by to get users to their product.

As you can see from the privacy policy, they indeed track your behavior as well:

We collect the following data points at an aggregate level, and never at a user level:

  • User IP Address – For combating spam and fraud and to serve relevant web and ad results based on user’s country/location
  • Search Term – To improve search results
  • Ad clicked, Organic/ Web results clicked & Search Engine Overridden – To improve search results
  • User Agent – To serve appropriate SERP (search engine results page) design
  • User search preferences (stored as a cookie) – To enable SearchPrivacy to keep track of user search settings (if any)

As this program serves no real purpose aside from making money for the developers, we recommend removing it from your computer immediately. Having unknown extensions from unknown publishers on your browsers puts your computer at risk for unwanted advertisements, pop-ups, decreased performance, and infection of viruses and more serious malware.

To remove from your computer completely and protect against future infections like these, there’s a few steps you need to follow. Choose from the links below depending on if you’re experience this issue on Windows or Mac devices.

Windows Malware Removal Instructions

Mac Malware Removal Instructions

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