Remove Ads (Adware Removal Guide) pop-up advertisements commonly occur on computer infected with adware. SearchPrivacy itself is adware – it is a browser extension with the sole purpose of serving advertisements.

It is marketed as a browser extension that stops search engines from tracking your behavior. In reality, what this browser extension will do is change your browser settings so that all your search queries go through their own pages. They then make money whenever somebody clicks an advertisements on their search engine.

Your browser’s default search engine, default new tab page, and default homepage will be changed to – and all your searches will go through that search engine. This is an unnecessary product that uses scare tactics to trick people into downloading their product, as you can see in this ad:

Once installed, SearchPrivacy is capable of displaying its own advertisements within your browsers. You may notice an increased amount of pop-up ads, text links, and sponsored ad listing with this product installed. An abundance of ads may slow down your computer or internet

To remove ads and clean your computer of malware and adware, we recommend following the guides below. Pick the correct guide depending on if your machine is using Windows or Mac OS.

Windows Malware Removal Instructions

Mac Malware Removal Instructions

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