Remove mixGames Adware

Trying to remove mixGames from your web browser? mixGames is a potentially unwanted program classified under adware. It is distributed through pop-up advertisements and comes in the form of a browser extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

You may have installed this adware from an advertisement like the one here:


screenshot of

This adware changes several settings on your web browsers, including but not limited to default search engine, default new tab, default homepage. It will change all of your browser settings so that your search queries go through their own search engine. The purpose of this adware, like all adware, is to make money for the developers by showing you unwanted advertisements.

Browser extensions like these are capable of displaying advertisements on websites that normally don’t show ads like Wikipedia. Pop-up advertisements, sponsor links, and banner ads are all associated with this extension. It’s also capable of altering the look and feel of websites you visit.

We highly recommend removing this browser extension and any other associated extensions and adware from your computer immediately. Below you can find a list of related malicious browser extensions that should be removed from your browsers.

Known mixGames Aliases:
mixGames Start
mixMovie Start
mixMusic Start
Search by mixMovie
Search by mixMusic
Search by mixGames

For complete removal, we recommend reading our malware removal guide below.

Windows Malware Removal Instructions

Mac Malware Removal Instructions

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