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The pop-up advertisement is one example of a variant of pop-up advertisements designed to trick users into believing their flash player is outdated in order to get the user to download malware or ad-supported software. pop-up

The fake flash player update pop-up will look something similar to the page above. It should be common practice to never download any software from a source other than the trusted software publisher, which would be Adobe in this case. When users download the file hosted on the pop-up, they are shown various offers that will reset the users homepage, inject advertisements into the browsers, or show annoying and intrusive pop-up advertisements.

If you are seeing the pop-up advertisements appear frequently on your computer, you may already be infected with malware. Please follow the instructions below to ensure maximum PC protection and clean your system of malicious files and viruses.


Automatically remove pop-up malware

Download and install SpyHunter to detect and remove malicious files. This a a simple piece of software designed to locate and eliminate the source of the infection.


    1. Install SpyHunter by double-clicking the downloaded file. Follow the on-screen instructions
    2. SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect threats


Manually remove pop-up malware from browsers

To disable and Remove pop-up malware from Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, please follow the directions:

Remove pop-up malware for Mozilla Firefox

  • On the menu bar, click on Tools menu and then click ‘Add-ons’ — the add-ons manager tab will now open.
  • In the add-ons manager tab, select ‘Extensions or Appearance’
  • Select any unknown add-on(s) you wish to disable
  • Click ‘Remove’ button
  • Click Restart now if the option is available.

Remove pop-up malware for Google Chrome

  • Open the Chrome menu  on the top right hand side of the browser.
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Extensions
  • Click on the trash can icon next to each extension
  • Click Remove on the dialog

Remove pop-up malware for Internet Explorer

  • Click the Tools button and click on Manage add-ons
  • Under Show, click on All add-ons, and then do one of the following
  • Click on Disable for each add-on


Manually remove pop-up malware from your computer

  1. Open the start menu, and open the control panel
  2. Click uninstall a program
  3. Find any unknown or untrusted programs from the list
  4. Right click and select Uninstall/remove



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