How to Remove Adware from Internet Explorer


With approximately 20% market share in web browsers, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the second biggest web browser, and default browser in Microsoft Windows operating system. Being such a big browser makes you a big target for adware. In this article “How to remove Adware from Internet Explorer” we will guide you through the removal process for add-ons and potentially unwanted programs on Internet Explorer.

When Internet Explorer is infected by adware or unknown extensions, you may notice a decrease in performance such as slow loading times and an increase in advertisements such as pop-ups and contextual linksand redirects to unknown third-party links. Follow the guide below to remove any adware or potentially unwanted programs from Internet Explorer.

How to remove Adware from Internet Explorer

Step #1 – Clearing/Disabling Unwanted Extensions and Themes

  1. Click the Tools button  and then click on Manage add-ons
  2. Under Show, click on All add-ons, and then choose all unknown add-ons
  3. If the add-on can be deleted, you will see a Remove option
  4. Some add-ons may not have the option to remove them.

Step #2 – Reset Internet Explorer’s Homepage, Default Search and New Tab Settings


  1. Click the Tools button and then click on Internet Options
  2. Under the General tab, in the first field type in the home page of your choice.
  3. Back on the General tab, click the Tabs button
  4. Change this setting When a new tab is opened, open: >> Your first homepage
  5. Click the Tools button and then click on Manage add-ons again
  6. Under Search Providers, choose your default search engine


Step #3 – Reset Settings of Internet Explorer Back to Default

  1. Click the Tools button and then click on Internet Options
  2. Go to the Advanced tab
  3. Click the Reset button located on the bottom of the tab
  4. Select the Delete personal settings check box if you would like to remove browsing history, search providers, Accelerators, home pages, and InPrivate filtering data (RECOMMENDED)
  5. Restart Internet Explorer.

The following settings will be deleted when you Reset Internet Explorer:

  • Disable toolbars and add-ons
  • Websites added to intranet, trusted, or restricted zones
  • Websites added for special cookie handling under the Privacy Tab
  • Websites allowed to use pop-ups under Pop-up Blocker settings
  • *Browser history, temp internet files, cookies, form data, saved passwords
  • *Typed URL info, menu extensions
  • *InPrivate filtering data
  • *Explorer most recently used lift

(* = only deleted when Delete personal settings is selected)

This should completely remove adware from Internet Explorer assuming the adware is the result of an add-on. However, there are still methods in which adware can affect Internet Explorer without relying on browser extensions.

If you have followed these steps and are still being infected by pop-up advertisements and excessive banner ads, check out our guide on How to Remove Potentially Unwanted Programs from Your PC.

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