How to Change Your Homepage in Microsoft Edge

When you launch your web browser, Microsoft Edge in WIndows 10, the first page you see is what’s known as your homepage. Much like previous versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge allows you to customize your default homepage, and even open multiple pages at once.

By default, Microsoft Edge will open a Microsoft website (makes sense), but you may want to change this. To do so, pick your favorite website that you want to make your new homepage. Take note of the URL.


  1. Select More (…) on the top right of the browser, and click Settings



              2. Under Open with, select A specific page or pages.


3. Type in the URL that you want to set your homepage to, or select one of the defaults. Click the + button to save. You may add additional URLs if you want more than one website to open when you launch Microsoft Edge.

Now whenever you launch Microsoft Edge, the first page (or pages) that you see will be the one(s) you just chose in the settings.

My Homepage Changed By Itself

Sometimes, software installed on your computer will change the homepage of your internet browser. If you find that your homepage has mysteriously changed, or changed itself back to something suspicious after you tried to change it, there is a good chance your computer is infected with a browser hijacker. This can happen in all web browsers, not just Microsoft Edge.

Browser hijackers are extremely common these days, as they are bundled with most free downloads found on the internet. Usually you will be presented with the option to install a browser hijacker when you install something you downloaded. The most famous example of this is the ASK Toolbar, which is commonly bundled with Java.

To find out how to remove browser hijackers from your computers, read our guide on how to remove potentially unwanted programs.




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